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1) If you are a new church member you may give our church membership administrator your information here. This will be added to the church members database, parts of which will be published in the Greenford Baptist Church Members List, which is given to all members.

2) If you are an existing church member you may update your contact information here, e.g. if you change your email address, mobile number or move house etc.

The shortcut address to this form is

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The following information will not be published in the GBC Members List.

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If any of your contact details are to be ex-directory (not to be published in the GBC Members List) please write 'ex-dir' by the information to be withheld from publication.

Now press the Send button below - be careful NOT to hit the Reset button by accident.

Lastly, look out for the "Data successfully sent" message which confirms the information has been sucessfully sent.