"Reclaiming Ground and
Restoring Hope
through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ."

"Reclaiming Ground and
Restoring Hope
through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ."


Reclaiming Ground and Restoring Hope

through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ" Reclaiming Ground and Restoring Hope through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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*Required information.

Booking a Room (flexible, with all possible options)

If you are reasonably computer literate and all you need to do is make a simple and straight forward booking it would help our Bookings Administrator if you could use the 'simple and straight forward booking form' instead of the 'flexible, with all possible options' booking form below.

If you are 'having computer problems' you can download and print out a pdf booking form. Just fill out the form with a good old fashioned pencil and give it to the Bookings Administrator or hand it in to the Church Office.

You are most welcome to apply for a room booking at Greenford Baptist Church or promote an internal event (or external event that is relevant to GBC). There are no hire charges for Greenford Baptist Church functions/meetings, however charges will usually be made when rooms are booked for personal use or when used by an external hirer. Ask about hire charges in the church office. We accept bookings for most types of events with the notable exceptions of adult's parties and events involving alcohol.

The Events Calendar is not simply a system for booking a meeting space, it’s a Public Relations and Church Information platform and as such we treat everything that is entered on it as if we were creating an event promotional flier.

Before you start filling out the form

Please check that the dates, times and room/s you need don't clash with any existing bookings in the Events Calendar.

If you have any questions or difficulties using the booking form or you wish to cancel/amend a booking please use the bookings administrator mail form.

 Now start filling out the 'with all possible options' booking form

* If a field description has a red star after it you must write something in it, even if it "information to follow".

To the left of each data input field you will see a yellow question mark ? tool-tip icon. Hover your mouse pointer over these tool-tips (or tap them with your finger if you have a touch screen) to see context sensitive help. The information from all 13 tool-tips has been gathered onto the following help file.

Event or Meeting name * Write the name of the event or meeting here.
Category of event * If you are not sure which category to choose look at other similar events in the main Events Calendar for clues.
Describe the event * It is important to create an event description that is appealing as this is the 'advertising text' that appears in the Events Calendar when you hover your mouse over the event (check out the Wednesday Fellowship entries to see what I mean). “Wednesday Fellowship meeting“ is not a good description :-) This is a question of Public Relations! It demonstrates to the public the quality of the events we put on.
Which room or rooms * Write down which room or rooms you need (including the kitchen if you need it). If you are promoting an External Church Event that people are being encouraged to attend, such as a prayer breakfast at another church please write in the address of the event.
Event organiser contact name and phone * Write in the event organiser's name and optionally a contact phone number, both of which will be published and visible to the world.
Extra info or questions to Bookings Administrator You can write any notes here to the administrator or special requests such as “Can we use the sound system?“ etc. This information WILL be published if it's appropriate. You can also write any questions for the bookings administrator, which will NOT be published.
My Name is * As you are filling out this form you should write your name here, even if you are doing so on behalf of the meeting organiser. If you are the meeting organiser this means you write your name on this form twice :-). The name in this field will NOT be published.
My email address and contact details * Write your email address here - the automatic confirmation email will be sent here if the booking is approved. If we don't have your mobile/landline phone numbers and postal address on file (for instance if you are not a church member) please also write them here as in case we need to contact you. This information will not be published.
Date of SINGLE EVENT This is the date for a one-off event (not a series of events).
Event BEGINNING and END times * Write in the event beginning and end times. These WILL be published.
Room required FROM and TO times If you need the room for longer than the publicised event beginning and end times (for setting up and clearing away) write these times in here - they WILL be published.
A series of REGULAR EVENTS If you are booking a series of REGULAR events please write in the event's FIRST and LAST date (not beyond the end of the year, unless it is December now). If there are any dates in this series when you are NOT meeting, e.g. during national holidays, bank holidays or school holidays, please write 'excluding' followed by each date separately here.
A series of IRREGULAR EVENTS If you are booking a series of IRREGULAR events please list ALL the dates you ARE meeting. If there are any other variations between the meetings, such as different rooms required or different meeting times please also list them here. Please don't book events beyond the end of this year, unless it is December now).

And finally, click the SEND button and look for the confirmation message saying that the form has been successfully sent to our administrator.

 Don't hit the RESET button or you will loose everything.