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08 October 2023

This is what we did 

Theme was the Lord’s Prayer (part 1)


  • Children drew their own pattern using a pentagon shape as a stencil. All patterns were different, illustrating the that the Lord’s Prayer is a pattern and many different prayers can come from using it as a framework.


  • Story of the disciples asking Jesus how to pray. We all need help with prayer.


  • Looked at each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer From Our Father to  Your will be done, thinking about what each line means in our prayers. Made a prayer ring with each line, to be continued next time.


How can parents help children?

No one bought their own short prayer from last week; parents could encourage their children to do this. Also, promote the use of their Prayer Journals. Some of the older children were finding this useful. A game sheet was given out for the children to do at home. Parents could help their children fill them in.