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01 October 2023

This is what we did 

A brief update of what children learned in sunday club on past Sunday.

What is prayer?

The children were asked to describe prayer in one word. They came up with words like praise, worship, forgiveness, and asking. The leader explained that prayer is talking to God, and that He doesn't always give us what we want, but He always gives us what we need.


Prayer positions

The children played a game where they had to sit in a circle and copy each other's prayer positions. This game helped them to understand that there are many different ways to pray, and that there is no one right way.


Praying for others

The children read the story of Abraham praying for the people of Sodom. This helped them to understand that prayer is not just about asking God for things for ourselves, but also about praying for others.


Prayer game

The children played a prayer game that they could take home. This game was a fun way to learn about prayer and to practice praying for others.


Simple prayers

The children looked at a book of children's prayers and a sheet of real prayers made by children. They were encouraged to write their own simple prayer on the back of the sheet and bring it next week.


The Lord's Prayer

The children said the Lord's Prayer out loud together. They also received prayer journals if they hadn't already received one the previous week.


Finishing with prayer

The leader prayed at the end of the class, but the children were encouraged to suggest what to pray for. They prayed for school, enjoying the week, encouraging others, parents, and the world.


How can parents help children?

Parents can help their children to learn about prayer by playing the prayer game, talking about times when prayer is easy or hard, encouraging them to use their prayer journals, helping them to write a very simple prayer to bring next week, and helping them to learn the Lord's Prayer.