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10 September 2023

This is what we did 

We opened with prayer, no child volunteers. When asked, the children said that they did not pray at home. Said that the next few weeks, we will be concentrating on prayer to help them with being able to pray.

Looked at the Prayer Board to talk about answers to prayer.

Played Simon Says – need to listen to play the game; listening is an important part of prayer.

Looked at the story of the Lord’s Prayer being given to the disciples. Explained that we are not alone in finding prayer difficult.

Made the Prayer circle to help them think about what to pray for. If anyone is not there, they can get one of these from me if they wish.

Gave out the children’s Lord’s Prayer to learn as a memory verse. Read out each line, and the children repeated this, speaking, whispering and shouting.


How can parents help children?

It would be good if parents could encourage their children to pray ( before going to bed?).

Use the prayer circle to give the children things subjects if they are unsure what to pray for as most are.

Parents could say the Lord’s Prayer with them and help them to learn it.