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2017 GBC Motto


This is a bold statement of fact about our loving God that we in 21st century church appear to “ignore.” Our God loves His world with a warrior passion. Wanting to reclaim the ground from evil and restore hope in the lives of everyone who has none. Our warrior God does this through His people. The church should do this with a bold and confident authority using all the spiritual gifts that He has imparted to us.

Pastor Warren McNeil

News and Events


  • Sunday 19th November at 10.00am - The meeting will be led by Carleen Donaldson-Hall and will include Communion. Carleen will be also speaking.
  • Monday 20th from 6.00pm to 8.00pm - Games Club. A group for adults to play snooker, table tennis, table football, table games and make friends. £1.00 contribution per person per night.
  • Monday 20th at 8.00pm - Prayer Tower. Meets in the church building.
  • Tuesday 21st from 9.15am to 11.00am - Noah's Ark Parent & Toddler Group.
  • Wednesday 22nd from 11.00am to 2.00pm. Friendship Group. In partnership with MHA, we are delighted to offer a space for those of retired age to come and spend time together over tea and soup.
  • Thursday 23rd from 7.45pm to 9.45pm - Beta Course. Meets in the church building. See below for details.
  • Friday 24th from 7.30pm to 9.30pm - Undefined, our weekly youth discipleship group. Meets in the church building.
  • Sunday 26th November at 10.00am - The meeting will be led by Jon Batham. Jon Batham will be also speaking.

Christmas Day Meal Helpers

Every year for the last 20 years Greenford Baptist Church has been able to host those who are elderly and alone on Christmas Day to a dinner and entertainment. Please can you contact Pastor Warren if you are able to assist this year.

Frankie Winning Funeral Details

The service for Frankie Winning (Fiona Winnings mum) is on Thursday 23rd November 1.30pm at St Michaels Church, St Michaels Lane, Braintree, Essex, CM7 1EY. Tea & Coffee will be served while the family go to the Crematorium followed by refreshments at 3.30pm onwards at Church House. Please could you let Fiona know if you are attending. Please continue to hold the family in your prayers.

Micah Thomas Baptism

Please pray for Micah Thomas as he is getting baptised this Sunday (19th November) at the church in Mostar. This is an exciting time for the family and for us as church family.

Creche Helpers

We have have a staffed creche on Sunday mornings so that parents of smaller children are able to hear God’s word without being distracted. This is a great ministry both for the care of parents and for the children to be around stories of the Bible in a fun and interactive way. But this cannot happen with people willing to help staff the creche. Please see Margaret Hall if you are willing to explore this area of ministry.

More events and meetings at greenfordbaptist.london/events. If you have any news for inclusion in CHURCH NEWS please e-mail us by Tuesday 9.30am.

Baptist Together Magazine

Read the latest baptist Together Magazine here.

Pastor David Wise Latest Writings

David WiseDavid WiseHere is a chapter I wrote for the book Encountering London; London Baptists in the 21st Century, it was published in 2015 and is copyright. It tells something of the story of the development of Greenford Baptist Church over the last 50 years. Read here

Also here is an article published in Ministry Today in 2015 on the development of multi-ethnic worship at GBC. It is also copyright. Read here

Pastor David's earlier writings can be read at greenfordbaptist.london/wise.

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Meeting Together and House Groups

Andy RobertsonAndy RobertsonWe really encourage everybody at Greenford Baptist Church to think about joining a Meeting Together or mid-week House Group.

The Need

Being part of a Meeting Together or house group is as vital to your Christian experience and growth as going to church on Sunday.

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Leave a Legacy to a Christian Charity

Do you want to leave a legacy of Christian love in action for the work of Greenford Baptist Church or another Christian charity?

You can play your part in putting God's transforming love into action by leaving a legacy gift to Christian charities when you write your will.

This type of Christian giving is vital to the future of Christian charities, particularly in these challenging times.

When you leave a legacy gift in your will, you can ensure that today's Christian work continues in the future. So, when writing a will, please consider leaving a legacy to a Christian Charity as part of your stewardship giving. It's easy. Browse the Christian Legacy website to find out more, then contact your solicitor. Your gift whatever the size – can make a real difference.

The Writings of Pastor David Wise

David WiseDavid WiseSome have been asking if they can see the article Pastor David Wise has written about the development of his ministry at GBC, a few others have been asking whether it is possible to see his MA thesis. The answer to both questions is yes - please click here. Pastor David's writings can be read here: greenfordbaptist.london/wise.


West London Community Cohesion Pathfinder

The West London Community Cohesion Pathfinder is a faith communities declaration on community cohesion and if you would like to read more please click here to open the .pdf file of the WLCCP poster. We at Greenford Baptist Church are in active agreement with it.