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Warren McNeil

Welcome to the Greenford Baptist website. I'm Warren McNeil, one of the pastors of Greenford Baptist Church. We are committed to a life-giving, Biblically centred, Spirit-filled Christianity within a loving environment for people of all ages, cultures and nationalities. Come in and discover. You are more than welcome!

We are here to serve you so if we can be of any help, whether you want to chat, would like prayer or need practical assistance, please let us know either by contacting me at any time or any other member of the Staff Team or Leadership Team on Sunday. Read About Us.

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Today's Bible Verse

Today's Bible Verse

Mission Statement

  1. We will seek to make God's love expressed in Jesus Christ, known to all through caring and service, expressing our cultural diversity, and challenging injustice.
  2. We will encourage the spiritual and holistic well-being of our church community, promoting the living of clean lives, the use of personal gifting and a lifestyle that cares for God's creation.
  3. We will aim to reach every person in our community proclaiming the Good News of God's love and mercy, defending the defenceless, helping the helpless and expressing our faith in God through Jesus Christ.
  4. We will aim to be a resource to our community and Christian organisations both within the UK and beyond.

GBC 24-7 Prayer Event in 2003

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