What's Your Greatest Fear?

Important information about the hidden message in this video. In order to understand this video it must be seen from beginning to the very end. Most who begin viewing will not see it through to its conclusion. We are living in a distracted culture.

There is bad news, and this must be understood before the Good News makes sense. It is an unfolding. The terminal condition must be understood fully and acknowledged fully before the remedy can be understood in its entirety.

There is bad news and there is the goodnews. A PARTIAL VIEWING OF THIS VIDEO IS MEANINGLESS.

Just as sure as the sun rises in the morning and dispels the darkness, so the light of the gospel shines in the hearts of those who welcome the undeserved favor of a gracious God.

God Bless every one of you. "A cup of cold water given in the name of a prophet will not go without reward" ~ Jesus