God loves doing things in and through the lives of His children and we love to publicly tell others about them. Here are a few encouraging examples.

Gloria's Testimony


Gloria, a long time member of Greenford Baptist Church, suffers from ME and depression, and yet by God's grace she is an encourager. This is Gloria's story of 2011, in just five minutes.

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Jo McMillan's Job Testimony

Click here to watch the videoJo McMillan, one of Greenford Baptist Church's young news presenters, is a rather extraordinary person. That's why the bosses of her her daytime job didn't renew her contract. However, God had a far better path for her to travel. Jo tells her exciting story....so far.

Also, see Jo presenting the very first GBC NEWS bulletin.

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Testimony from Adam


A testimony to God's goodness from Adam.

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Testimony from Hermine

Testimony from HermineA testimony to God's goodness from Hermine.

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