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The Three Prophecies to GBC

You may be aware that God has been challenging us recently. Three prophetic words have been key in this, as well as some prophetic symbolism.

Watch the  video of The First Prophecy and read the texts of all three prophecies that follow it. Further down the page you can also see an image illustrating The Well Prophecy.

1) The First Prophecy in 1998

"I love the Church at Greenford / Northolt, for the struggles you’ve been through in my name.I honour the men and women who have striven for my kingdom to come. But now it is not enough. It is not enough. Judgement is here.I need:

  • clean lives
  • the laying down of self
  • lives more transparent filled with me
  • more waiting on me....how can you hear me if you don't listen together!

Spring clean my house,
Open it's doors wide to my Spirit and I will fill it.
Judgement is here–You can say yes or no, there is no middle way.
When the spirit of the Lord is upon you, you will:

  • preach Good News to the poor
  • proclaim freedom for the prisoners
  • release for the oppressed
  • healing for the blind
  • proclaim the Lord's favour.

This is what I want, do you want it enough?"

2) The Well Prophecy

The Well Prophecy

"As a church we are a 'well' of living water. I saw a picture of a well sunk into the ground where the church stands - it's been dug deep over many years by obedience, sacrifice and the prayers and labours of the Christians who came before us - the Holy Spirit was their guide and counsellor, their strength and shield.

I saw the well fill up or 'well up' with water - living water - and now it's overflowing, it's pouring out into the streets, homes and lives of those around.

People will come to us–Jesus' body–to drink; they'll be thirsty for God's love, forgiveness, grace, healing, power, strength and 'life in abundance'–but we also need to carry that water to those like the man at the pool (John 5:1-15) who in their sickness, sin or darkness are not able to make it to the pool..."

Liz Robertson comments on the Well Prophecy:

We believe that God has shown us at Greenford Baptist Church that there is a 'well' in the church. A well that God placed there as a source of His Spirit's anointing. An anointing for His church, yes, but more than that, for the community around us in West London and beyond. For those who don't yet know Him. The flow of water from this well will be of such force, such power that it will pour out to the surrounding area, taking God's love, mercy and power into a world so desperately in need of God's touch.

We have constructed a 'well' in the church to help us to focus on what God is saying to us.

We also believe that the well has blockages which are hindering the flow. These blockages are caused by past sin, broken relationships, wrong attitudes toward others, lack of integrity, unbelief, etc. We believe that God is calling us to intercession to see these blockages removed and the flow released.
Chronicles 7 v 14,15 says:

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place."

Let us seek God now, prayerfully, together. Let start digging and see His power released. For the sake of His Kingdom and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

3) The Third Prophecy - 2005

Over two years has passed since what we have called "the first prophecy".

This new prophecy is a direct follow-on from the previous two and came from our Envisioned prophetic group in November 2005.

I love you my people
I love you passionately
I have shared in your joys
but more importantly,
I have felt your pain.
Forget your past mistakes
I have erased them all
and I love you.

I now want to do a new thing amongst you
but I need clean hands
and clean lives.
Forget the trivia, the insignificant things all around you.
Fix your eyes firmly on me
and allow me to cleanse you.
I need clean vessels and clean lives in order for my will to be done amongst you.