Greenford Baptist Church worshipping

God often speaks to us and through us to others. Here are some short videos telling us what God said to Greenford Baptist Church.

Do you feel rejected?

Do you feel rejected?Liz Robertson brings an encouraging prophetic message from God to those who feel rejected. Although this was filmed on 29 May 2011, might God have this same message for YOU today?

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Carole Cadman's Fasting Prophecy

Carole Cadman's Fasting Prophecy Carole brings a word from God encouraging us to look at making fasting part of our normal church practice.

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Don't put up with it!

Don't put up with it!Liz Robertson is a member of Greenford Baptist Church's Leadership Team. She is gifted in the prophetic ministry and brings this message from God, "Don't put up with it!"

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The Three Prophecies to GBC

huikYou may be aware that God has been challenging us recently. Three prophetic words have been key in this, as well as some prophetic symbolism.

Watch the  video of The First Prophecy and read the texts of all three prophecies that follow it. Further down the page you can also see an image illustrating The Well Prophecy.

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