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Interviews are a great way to find out about what's going on in people's lives. They may be about a project of some kind or they may be of a more personal nature. Each of our interviewers and interviewees are church members.

An Interview with Rachel

An Interview with RachelFor Rachel, a young single mother, starting a relationship with Jesus Christ was not without it's difficulties.

Her 18 minute talk is inspirational.

An Interview With Robson

An Interview With Robson Robson became a Christian so he could marry the now Assistant Pastor Denise! That was the extent of his relationship with God, until early one dark and wet morning on his motorbike, he says 'God intervened - and everything changed!'

Robson's 20 minute story is one of recovery and restoration.

An Interview with Nicky

An Interview with NickyNicky is a successful business manager and until recently also was an atheist with serious kidney disease and a lot of work related stress.

A 16 minute God story about how Nicky came to faith.

Warren McNeil ~ He wasn't happy...

Warren McNeil ~ He wasn't happy...When Pastor Warren told Pastor David that he wasn't happy, and everyone around him was having a wonderful time in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you have to scratch your head wonder what's going on! ...

The Return of Jo Fitzwater

Click here to watch the videoJonathan, as he was called then, was practically born in Greenford Baptist Church and sort of grew up there. Then he left and for ten years he sang a very different song: "I did it my way". Now at forty, Jo is back, stronger and more bad than ever, with rakish good looks.... enough of the dramatics, already! ...

Interview with Andy Robertson, Trinity Homeless Project

Interview with Andy Robertson, Trinity Homeless ProjectAndy Robertson, fund raiser for the Trinity homeless project is interviewed by Pastor David Wise.