Jesus said, "Believe and be baptised" and we agree! Here you can see videos of believers actually being baptised at GBC. You can hear some of the stories of how they came to know Jesus personally.


Nicky Airey's Baptism Testimony and Baptism

Click here to watch the video In this full version of the video (with the congregation's prayers) you can watch Nicky Airey as she is baptised and gives her testimony on Sunday 26 February 2012, telling about when she was an atheist and God was giving her a miraculous sign of personal healing — and how she became a woman of faith.

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Rachel Jagroop's Baptism Baptism Testimony

Rachel Jagroop's Baptism Baptism TestimonyRachel Jagroop, former raver and now a Christian single mother, is about to be baptised. Rachel tells a moving account of her journey to knowing God more closely and how the relationship has helped her in troubled situations.

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Carol's Testimony at her Baptism

Carol's Testimony at her BaptismThis is the story of how Carol came to faith and was shared at her baptism. Carol's baptism is not included in this video.

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Lee Scott's Baptism

Lee Scott's BaptismGreenford Methodist Church member Lee Scott gets baptised at Greenford Baptist Church. Pastor David Wise explains the biblical meaning of baptism and prophesies over him.

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Toyosi Olubokun's Baptism

Toyosi Olubokun's baptism Celebrate with us Toyosi Olubokun's baptism on this this video.

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Naomi's Baptism

Naomi's baptismWe believe Jesus when He says "Believe and be baptised". This is why Naomi is being baptised this morning.

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Barrington Hall's Baptism

Barrington Hall's baptismThis is Barrington Hall's Baptism but watch out for the unexpected Christmas tree!

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