Welcome to Greenford Baptist Church

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Morning Worship Meetings - Sunday

Everybody is welcome to our Sunday morning worship meetings.

10.00am Worship, testimonies, prayer, communion (some weeks), celebration of birthdays and anniversaries and when requested - baptisms and dedications.

10:45am Teaching sessions. Adults, Youth (ASK?), Sunday Club and staffed creche.

11.30am Time for response to teaching  - ministry and prayers for healing. 

12pm - Connection time - a social time with tea and coffee. Depart for home at your leisure!

The morning is in four segments so you can come to one, two, three or all four parts, as your circumstances allow. Communion will always be celebrated on the third and fifth Sunday morning of each month. Every three weeks or so, we have a bring-and-share lunch together after the morning meeting.

Evening Meetings - Sunday

On some Sunday evenings, usually at 6.30, we have a variety of evening events which include men's discipleship, prophetic ministry, and worship.

These meetings are more intimate in style than our morning meetings and often include experimental elements. Please check our weekly news sheet GBC NEWS for details of what is planned.

Sunday Club - Children's Meeting - Sunday

Bose AkhabauBose Akhabau

Sunday Club welcomes all children and starts part-way through the main adult Sunday morning worship meeting. It is fully staffed by qualified Safe To Grow leaders and helpers.

a) Infants school years: reception to year three.

b) Juniors school years: year four to six.

The main contact Bose Akhabau.

ASK? - Youth Church - Sunday

Our very popular Youth Church is called ASK? - it's for young teens - school years seven and above. 

ASK? has a custom-designed meeting style which includes exploring life issues and questions around the Christian faith, relevant bible teaching to encourage and develop relationships with God, worship, and multimedia (record decks and video projectors, etc).

Read more: ASK? - Youth Church - Sunday

Crèche - Sunday

During the main adult Sunday morning worship meeting there is usually a staffed Crèche for pre-schoolers.

The Crèche leader is Vera Coffen.

Afternoon Meeting - every 3rd Sunday

An opportunity for those who maybe cannot attend Sunday morning meetings or for those who want a double dose of church! This is a “normal” church meeting for around 1 hour. A time of worship and a very short talk. A time for you to take with the Lord and fellow worshipers.

We will be meeting every third Sunday of the month at 5pm excluding August and December. All are welcome.

Please check our weekly GBC NEWS for details of what is planned.

Envisioned - prophetic group

Liz RobertsonLiz Robertson

Liz Robertson, who is part of the Leadership Team, heads up a group called Envisioned. This is an open group of people from within the Church that God sometimes speaks through prophetically - read the Three Prophecies of GBC.

There is no set programme or series of meeting dates but the group comes together every once in a while to learn how to hear God's voice or discern His will in situations.

Gym Bible Study Group - Wednesday

Age group: early 20’s to early 30’s

Time: 8.30pm–10.00 pm every Wednesday

Venue: The ASK? Room (upstairs in the newer building)

The main objective of this group is to provide a place where young adults can come together and explore the bible, deepening and widening their understanding of the word of God. It is a group where Christians are able to come and praise and worship God and share their life experiences and testimonies with one another.

The group will not only strengthen ones relationship with God but will also enable people to build and strengthen long lasting friendships with other Christians in the group; providing Christians with an opportunity to offer one another encouragement and support.

The group is led by Bayode Adisa and co-led by Bola Awoniy.

Iron Men - Men's Group

Welcome to Iron Men, the group for the men of Greenford Baptist Church, run by Varinder Sandhu.

The aim of the group is to discuss and debate men’s issues in this modern world and to talk about what we as 'men of the church' think about them.

Iron Men was started back in early 2018 and has always been very well attended.

Do visit our facebook page Iron Men - Men's Group, where you can keep up to date with upcoming meetings and events.

For more details please speak with Varinder.

Ministry Network and Ministry Leaders

The Ministry Network provides mutual support, shares information and is a sounding board giving ministry feedback to the Leadership and Staff Teams.

The network meets around five times a year and consists of church members who lead our main ministries.

A wider range of ministries exists within the church than can be handled by the Ministry Network alone. To lead all these ministries the members of the Ministry Network are supplemented by the Leadership and Staff Teams. The combined Ministry Leaders list is here.

Noah's Ark Parent and Toddler Group - Tuesday

A Parent and Toddler group–for toddlers (from birth until approximately three and a half) and their parents or carers. From 9.30am to 11.15am during term-time. £1.50 admission, which includes refreshments.

The group is led by Joy McNeil.

Undefined - Friday

Jo McMillanJo McMillan

Undefined is our weekly youth decipleship meeting and it is held in the church building from 7.15pm to 9.00pm.

Please contact Jo McMillan for full details of this exciting meeting.

Women Alive in Ministry - Ladies Group

Women Alive in Ministry is a ladies group which meets on bi-monthly from 7.00pm to 9.00pm in the ASK? room but will move to the downstairs room if anyone has problems with the stairs. There is a creche/sitting service to enable those ladies with childcare issues the opportunity to still come.

The meetings are social and relationship building but will also have the added benefit of having spiritual content. The co-ordinating team consists of Hannah Adenubi, Belinda Adisa, Bose Akhabau, Carleen Donaldson-Hall, Margaret Hall and Chris O'Connor. Women are welcome to contact any one of them and suggest activities for Women Alive meetings (an easy way to contact them is by emailing Carleen Donaldson-Hall.

Women of any age welcome, from the young to the not-so-young. Please check the weekly CHURCH NEWS for details and venues of future meetings.