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Policy for Hiring of Greenford Baptist Church Equipment for Non-Church Activities or Personal Use.

  1. Anybody wanting to hire Greenford Baptist Church (GBC) equipment are required to be church members.
  2. All applications to hire equipment are to be made, via email, to the chair of CPMT.*
  3. Such an application in 2. (above) should contain the type and amount of equipment to be hired including the duration of the hire.
  4. Items should be returned by the date specified in the application and in the same condition as they were when taken.
  5. The hirer may require training in the use of the equipment prior to the rental period.
  6. Any damage or breakage to hired items must be paid for by the person who has been authorised to hire the equipment.
  7. If the equipment is deemed expensive then GBC reserve the right to see insurance cover or a deposit equal to the amount of the equipment prior to rental.
  8. The person(s) hiring the equipment are responsible for putting the items back in their proper place and informing CPMT of their return, so that CPMT can verify the return of the equipment is in a satisfactory condition.
  9. GBC reserves the right to charge for the hiring of equipment.
  10. GBC reserve the right to refuse any hiring request without explanation.
Adopted 4th August 2013

* CPMT is the Church Premises Management Team - see photo gallery.