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Finding Your Ministry

find your ministry Greenford Baptist Church provides quality ministry to a lot of people within the church, in the wider community and to those abroad. It's part of our discipleship experience — learning how to serve others with the love of Jesus, using our God-given skills and talents.

Here are the current Ministry Network photos and contact links.

If you are part of Greenford Baptist Church and have any questions about serving in any of our ministries, or perhaps you would like to start a new ministry, please speak with the Ministry Partners Coordinator.

Ministry Partners for Noah's Ark baby and toddler group

Ministry Partners for Noah's Ark baby and toddler groupMinistry Partners needed for Noah's Ark, GBC's popular baby and toddler group. You need to be 'Safe to Grow' checked (or willing to be checked) and available on Tuesday mornings during school term time. The only qualification needed is to adore (or even like) very young children. It involves generally making yourself useful and chatting to the parents/carers in a warm and friendly environment AND drink coffee/tea AND have biscuits!

A related task - are you able to help set up the chairs around the walls and stage on the previous evening, ie. Monday evenings or alternately around 8.30am to 9.00am before the session starts on Tuesday mornings?

For more information please contact the Ministry Partners Coordinator. Thank you.