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find your ministry Greenford Baptist Church serves a wide range of people within the church, in the wider community, and to those in distant lands. It's who we are.

Here are the photos of our Ministry Network, together with links to their contact information.

If you are part of Greenford Baptist Church and have any questions about serving in any of our ministries, or perhaps you would like to start a new ministry, please speak with the Ministry Partners Coordinator.

Are you one of the missing pieces?

Are you one of the missing pieces?

At the May 2013 'Finding Your Ministry' meeting I spoke about an image of Greenford Baptist Church as a Jigsaw, with every person being a unique piece of the jigsaw, with different gifts, abilities, ministries and each with a unique place where only they and no one else can fit - just like a Jigsaw piece.

Not only every person with their unique place, but every person actually vital, essential for the picture to be complete. That is, for God to do all He has purposed in and through Greenford Baptist Church. Every person is placed here by God, for a specific purpose.

Notice that some pieces are not yet fully connected. They are part of the picture, part ofGreenford Baptist Church but not fully engaged. Maybe they attend, enjoy and receive from the teaching and worship but not yet using their gifts in serving God here.

Notice also there are gaps or holes in the picture, areas of ministry which cannot do all that God intends because pieces or people are missing. Are you one of the missing pieces?

Finally notice that there are no boundaries to the picture, no hard straight edges to indicate when it is complete. God wants to widen the borders of our ministry here, bring in new things. Maybe you have a particular gift or God-given desire but you can't see where it fits in at Greenford Baptist Church. Please speak to a member of the leadership team. New things often develop when God gives the vision firstly to one person who is already linked in toGreenford Baptist Church and others then 'catch it'. That's how the recently started house group and Crafty Cake Consumers group came into being.

So where do you fit in? Today is about finding your ministry area within Greenford Baptist Church. You will find three things happen when you are linked in to where God wants you in service and ministry, you:

  1. grow to become the person God purposed you to be
  2. become an expression of His kingdom to others
  3. fulfil that unique God-given role that He has tasked only to you.

No one is exempt. God has a placed us all in theGreenford Baptist Church jigsaw for a purpose. Where are you?