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Jo McMillan's Job Testimony

Jo McMillan, one of Greenford Baptist Church's young news presenters, is a rather extraordinary person. That's why the bosses of her her daytime job didn't renew her contract. However, God had a far better path for her to travel. Jo tells her exciting story....so far.

Also, see Jo presenting the very first GBC NEWS bulletin.


#1 Dennis Jagroop 2011-03-23 19:32
Jo is really good, she has really come out of her shell. l praise God that He has really touched her and has met her need with a new job. May she continue to grow in the Lord. God has his hand upon her life, may she continue to seek God's grace for her life. That was a fantastic short testimony, showing when she trusted God to meet her need, He richly blessed her, and her family.....