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We carry out dedication services for babies at GBC. This of course doesn't make the baby a Christian — that's between them and God when they are old enough to make a conscious and meaningful decision for themselves. The purpose of the dedication is for the parent/s and the church to publicly agree to dedicate themselves to bringing up the baby in a Christian atmosphere and to pray for them. This models the love of Christ to them so that when they they get older they will know about the Christian life — because they have lived in it. It is our hope and prayer that they will one day soon decide to follow Christ for themselves.

The Dedication of Eleos Yosief

The Dedication of Eleos YosiefBaby Eleos Yosief was dedicated on 3 July 2011 in front of a large gathering of Greenford Baptist Church.

Dedication is not the same infant christening. In a dedication service, the parents promise to bring up their baby according to the Christian faith and the congregation promise to pray for and support the child while he or she grows up.