Welcome to Greenford Baptist Church

About Us Videos 28

Here is a selection of videos about GBC people. See the sort of things they get up to in the life of Greenford Baptist Church.

Baptism Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 16

Jesus said, "Believe and be baptised" and we agree! Here you can see videos of believers actually being baptised at GBC. You can hear some of the stories of how they came to know Jesus personally.


Dedication Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 1

We carry out dedication services for babies at GBC. This of course doesn't make the baby a Christian — that's between them and God when they are old enough to make a conscious and meaningful decision for themselves. The purpose of the dedication is for the parent/s and the church to publicly agree to dedicate themselves to bringing up the baby in a Christian atmosphere and to pray for them. This models the love of Christ to them so that when they they get older they will know about the Christian life — because they have lived in it. It is our hope and prayer that they will one day soon decide to follow Christ for themselves.

Interview Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 6

Interviews are a great way to find out about what's going on in people's lives. They may be about a project of some kind or they may be of a more personal nature. Each of our interviewers and interviewees are church members.

Prophecy Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 4

God often speaks to us and through us to others. Here are some short videos telling us what God said to Greenford Baptist Church.

Testimony Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 8

God loves doing things in and through the lives of His children and we love to publicly tell others about them. Here are a few encouraging examples.

Worship Videos 6


Our God is to be worshipped, so here are some beautiful worship videos from various sources.

Are there any outstanding or favourite worship videos that you would like to see in this section of the website? Let us know here.