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#18 Chris OConnor 2014-03-28 23:18
I love this new website,. It does looks so fresh.
#17 keijo 2010-06-20 20:11
Thank you to the Lord for word of life even today with power and joy of wisdom with promises in to the future in Christ,let us fight good the fight with Jesus and be blessing to many peoples with thanksgiving and joy,thanks and bless and pray,your brother in hope,keijo sweden
#16 Eric and MiMi 2010-02-09 19:34
Hi! It was great to have Joan Maple at Alperton Baptist Church last Sunday.
Keep up the good ministry! God bless you! Eric (half of MiMi and Eric!)
#15 Chantelle Parvin 2010-01-18 00:54
This is just a thank-you to all at the church for making me feel so welcome when I came to stay with my brother John Paul over the New Year. I had never been to church before but it's an amazing thing, it changed my views on things and I will be letting God into my life.

Thank you so much.
#14 Peter Kamau Wambui 2009-10-14 17:28
This is a wonderful church. Continue letting the Holy Spirit to minister. I feel that I also need to be blessed by your ministry while here in Kenya - via the on-line Bible teacing videos, news letters and magazines.

Be Blessed by Him.
#13 Eric 2009-08-22 19:07
Just browsing through Christian websites in North London area as will be in UK based Wembley from 26th September to 24th October, with Music Ministry. Yours is a very informative website and it is good to know that your church is alive in the Holy Spirit!
Please visit website http://www.mimimusicministry.btik.com and you will find our itinerary on the calendar page. If you would like a visit from us to one of your services or events please email, thank you.
God bless you all.
#12 Mary 2009-08-01 09:00
Thank you so much for the excellent showing of the latest Bible teaching video by Pastor David. I was able to watch it from start to finish, without it disappearing from the screen at all. It is wonderful to be able to receive the teaching, which one misses so much, when absent from the fellowship.
#11 Pat and Peter Burton 2009-05-13 14:05
Today my thoughts led to your church where my husband Peter and I were married nearly 50 years ago on 22 August 1959. My husband's home at that time was in Verulam Road and his parents were the late Jim and Emily Burton. In 1962 before leaving for Singapore where my husband was stationed in the RAF I visited the church once more to have my daughter Teresa 'dedicated' to God. It is so nice to see that this lovely church is thriving. We very much enjoyed listening to the history of the church. God bless you all. Pat and Pete
#10 Yashu 2008-11-26 12:31
Hi Andy,
Its a great website, keep it up, GOD BLESS YOU.

#9 Josie 2008-10-08 13:09
Andy, God bless you for the great job that you have made to Church.The Website is fantastic! well done brother, keep doing the good task because it's realy honour the LORD.
#8 Mark H 2008-03-08 18:42
I would like to say GBC is such an inspirational web site and is produced with such vigour, it is OUTSTANDING!!!!
Keep up the good, and the Good Lord's Work. God bless you all! Thanks.
#7 Wayne Halliburton 2008-03-07 12:33
Andy, what can be said what han't been said already? Excellent web site, bright professional and extremely good looking, just like you!! Well done
#6 Lesley Wise 2008-02-14 23:14
Hi Andy, the website is excellent, very easy to navigate etc. I have a friend at work and he commented how good it is as well!
#5 Mary Spooner 2008-02-12 23:07
We are very privileged to have such a professional website to enjoy. I am always glad to catch up on David's sermon on the GBC Web TV, if I have missed it whilst taking Sunday Club.
Thank you again Andy.
#4 Claudette Lowe 2008-02-12 12:51
Great website Andy, very informative and welcoming. Keep up the good work!
#3 Clare Nonhebel 2008-02-04 00:14
It's great to have such an informative church website that's up to date with news - invaluable if you miss a Sunday and want to stay in touch. Being able to watch the sermons and baptisms 'live' is a definite bonus, and the site is easy to navigate around, even for a 'non-techno' like me!
#2 GLORIA 2008-02-03 00:25
Hi everyone, nice to get the chance to make a comment or many....think we should all acknowledge what sterling work Andy does for our website. We are even having other people commenting on its expertise.
Andy spends a lot of hours updating and perfecting our website so thought it was good to send our appreciation to him by way of very loud cyber claps..... oh and the typed word would be good too - we all need encouragement for us to carry on and this website would be lost without him.
Thank you Andy - big CYBER CLAP ....
#1 Alison Fraser 2008-02-03 00:24
Andy, I really think you are doing a fantastic job with the church website. It's great!

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