Welcome to Greenford Baptist Church

Monthly Events Calendar Tips - the Dynamic Legend

Above and below the monthly Events Calendar you will see coloured keys called Dynamic Legends which list the various types of events, as follows:

  1. Public Community Events are coded  green  and include all our Sunday worship meetings, the Wednesday Fellowship and other church events that are open to all.
  2. Church Community Events are coded  yellow  and are not appropriate for the public. They include church members meetings, church training/seminars and church conventions.
  3. By Invitation Only Church Events are coded  blue  and are for closed group meetings such as the Church Leadership and Leadership Training Group meetings
  4. External Church Events are coded  grey  and are off-site events or meetings such as 'away days/day trips', community evangelism or events organised by other churches that we are wanting to attend.
  5. 3rd Party Room Hire is coded  red  and denotes external organisations, churches or individuals who hire our rooms and halls.

They are called Dynamic Legends because if you click the event category text by any of the coloured icons a filter will be applied to the calender and all the OTHER types of event will be hidden. So if you are only interested in the By Invitation Only Church Events click the event category text by the  blue  icon and all the other types of event will disappear, leaving just the blue ones (there are any that month).

When you are done with the filtered view click 'All' or 'All Categories ...' in the Dynamic Legend, otherwise the calender may continue to look rather empty!

A tip. If at any time you can't find an event in the Monthly Calendar that you think should be there, try clearing the filter by clicking 'All' or 'All Categories ...'