Pastoral Care - Greenford  Baptist  Church Vision Statement

  • To see every member being loved and cared for, loving and caring in turn for other members of the Church
  • To see provided an additional source of Pastoral Care, particularly to those who are in special need

To see every member involved in a group/team, being discipled and discipling others

Terms of Reference

Greenford Baptist Church - Pastoral Care Working Group


To facilitate achievement of the GBC’s Pastoral Care vision and mission statement through process which allows the church family to more fully use talents in sharing one another’s burdens and joys


  • Develop implement and review strategic plan towards Pastoral Care
  • Introduce, develop and implement new schemes to encourage formation and growth of discipleship and prayer groups
  • Develop and implement schemes to cater for vulnerable people and members on the fringe so as to draw them into the core church family
  • Discuss and work with representatives from existing groups
  • Facilitate access to specialist care
  • Work under the supervision of Leadership team

Qualities and Roles

  • A caring Christian – desiring to offer support in times of need
  • A sharing Christian -  bringing who he/she is to relationship, as a partner in another’s life experiences
  • A trained Christian – having developed his/her skills through work
  • A dedicated Christian – commissioned to in-depth caring
  • A brief, visitor, “touching base” with people now and then.

Information shared with the group will be held in confidence, except for the proviso that it may be shared with the Pastor, member of the Leadership team or with ‘experts’ as appropriate

PS: - Meetings will be held monthly and communication will continue via other means between meetings

….Love one another as I have loved you”