Tapestry, a Biblical Image of the Church part 2 - David Wise

Racism and White Privilege are a part of everyday life, in this teaching Pastor David explores what the Bible teaches and in conversation with the congregation how the image of tapestry can help us  deal with these challenging issues.

Read Pastor David's thesis on Biblical interpretation here.


#1 Emma 2017-09-06 16:28
I watched this sermon on biblical tapestry part 2 and it was very enlightening. You see, when I was younger a close relative told me that we black people were cursed; being descendants of Ham. I always believed it to be true though i never understood why God would make us in his image then choose to curse one ethnic group in particular yet many other people also sinned but their descendants were not cursed. And God also said that each person's sin would now belong to them and not as a result of our forefathers sin. So I grew up believing up till now when i watched that video that we were endemically cursed. How wrong!This has brought the truth to light.