Tapestry, a Biblical Image of the Church - David Wise

For the last 25 years Pastor David has been using the biblical image of Tapestry to help GBC become one of the best examples of a multi-ethnic Baptist church in the UK. This teaching lays out the biblical basis for this and in dialogue with the congregation Pastor David explores what this means in practice.

Read Pastor David's thesis on Biblical interpretation here.


#1 Susan Jones 2017-07-04 15:12
Wow Pastor Wise ... you really had a great deal to say in such a short time! as to the tapestry of life, ain't no doubt all God's children are woven together & especially good to hear GBC be considered an 'advance guard i.e. church motto "Jesus is a Warrior". As to a few dropped threads in the tapestry re Trinity Homeless Project - pray so often now He has risen again this 21st century I will bump into HIM walking along Uxbridge High Street? & that is no joke. Also so lovely to see Pastor Techno Andy & Lynda on film. in faith, with hope and forever wherever love Susan x x