No Running Away - Warren McNeil

Reflecting on the Sunday prior when there was a response to God by the church, Pastor Warren explores what it means going forward.


#1 Susan Jones 2017-06-26 01:50
re No Running Away ... thanks Pastor Warren .. to me you are a loving revolutionary just like LJC. Please send my thanks to Carol ... sponge is a good description for me too because I often cry a lot! As to your Jehovah Witness visitors - they kept calling at my door so eventually I exchanged copy of my GBC Baptism speech for their Moses was a doctor leaflet - THEY NEVER RETURNED! & I pray the Angels continue to surround Michael thus protect him from his perhaps demonic/superst ition beginnings. Such are the benefits of knowing a sanctified dot on planet earth known as Greenford Baptist Church. In faith much hope and all ways love Susan X X