No More Prayer Meetings - Andy Robertson

Pray before you listen. Andy Robertson really applies what prayer is about in our church and everyday life. It will make you think about prayer meetings.


#1 Susan Jones 2017-06-16 21:12
Hello Disciple Andrew .. catching up on GBC Bible Teachings - Pastor Techno Andy told me I was perhaps the only member of GBC who responded by this method. Therefore; I SAY A THOUSAND AMENS TO YOUR LAST PRAYER within this teaching because the 'congregation' seemed too quiet? But then one of my favourite hymns is "Shout to the Lord" and, yes, I have been offensive to the higher levels of our 21st century society governors:paid their price too: but have survived thanks to the power of prayer especially those said for me by the brothers and sisters (wherever they are now) of & within GBC ... praise our Lord Jesus that He protect & keep GBC in Warrior Mode for as long as it takes to win Peace on Earth. with love to you all Susan X X