Accurate Bible teaching hereHD-TVA library of Bible teaching videos filmed at Greenford Baptist Church during 2017.

It is our hope that you will be encouraged to apply these teachings to your own individual life.


No Running Away

Ignorance - Ezekiel 3:16-21 - Kevin Beardshaw

Reflecting on the Sunday prior when there was a response to God by the church, Pastor Warren explores what it means going forward.

Ignorance - Kevin Beardshaw

Ignorance - Ezekiel 3:16-21 - Kevin Beardshaw

Ignorance is bliss? Warning about consequences in this world and judgement in the next. An alternative answer: Jesus.

Your Will Be Done - Warren McNeil

Your Will Be Done - Warren McNeil

Pastor Warren takes us through the four prophecies over the church. In so doing we notice that it is God’s will that needs to be done. Are we truly submitting our will to His?

Assurance - Kevin Beardshaw

Assurance - Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43 - Kevin Beardshaw

Heaven: Who will be there, who won't be? What can we know, what can't we know? Increasing our own confidence.

God First - Us Afterwards

God First - Us Afterwards - Matthew 6:9-13

Ever considered deeply the Lord’s prayer - as in its structure. The flow; the format; the why? Well, being filled with grace - dive in with us.

Faithful Following or Fearful Fleeing

Faithful Following or Fearful Fleeing - Mark 16:1-8

On Easter Sunday Pastor Warren gets us to imagine what that first day of Jesus' resurrection was like and what it means for us.

Getting Out There

Getting Out There - Hebrews 10:24-25 - Steve Williams

Today's teaching will encourage you to be effective in being a child of God in the places He puts you daily.

Who Goes There?!

Who Goes There?! - Mark 13 - Warren McNeil

Is it the Bogeyman? Is it the Anti-Christ? Who should we be looking out for?

Authority, Authority, Authority

Authority, Authority, Authority - Mark 11:27-12:44

Three times Jesus’ authority was challenged by the Sanhedrin. And three times he exercised it...

No More Prayer Meetings

No More Prayer Meetings - Andy Robertson

Pray before you listen. Andy Robertson really applies what prayer is about in our church and everyday life. It will make you think about prayer meetings.

Conquering King

Conquering King - Mark 11:1-25

As in the whole of Mark, conflict is never far away, so too with the “triumphal entry” of Jesus...

Discipleship - Dr. Martin Robinson

Discipleship - Dr Martin Robinson

We had the pleasure of Dr. Martin Robinson come and speak to us about what the Bible says about Discipleship. We hope you find it as inspiring as we did.

Risk Adverse?

Risk Adverse? - Mark 10:32-52 - Warren McNeil

The word suffering, not to mention the actual act of suffering for the Gospel of Jesus Christ has become a swear word within certain regions of Christianity...

Love and Marriage go together like…

Love and Marriage go together like… - Mark 10:1-31 - Warren McNeil

Sing along: “…goes together like a horse and carriage.” Okay maybe not...

Seeing Beyond the Invisible

Seeing Beyond the Invisible - Hebrews 11 - Steve Williams

Evangelist Steve Williams asks, “How can we grow in faith and see more of God’s activity?”

The Hungry Maggot

The Hungry Maggot - Mark 9:30-50 - Warren McNeil

Not quite the Hungry Caterpillar. He’s cute. The Hungry Maggot is not cute...

Grace - Acknowledge it and Count our Blessings

Grace - Acknowledge it and Count our Blessings - Nehemiah 9:9-19

God's grace, we don't need to earn it to receive it.  The Lord gives freely out of His unconditional love for us.

I Got This One, Lads!

I Got This One, Lads! - Mark 9:14-29

I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” The cry of most Christians at some point in their walk...

Risking it all for the sake of the Gospel

Risking it all for the sake of the Gospel - Matthew 19:16-26

One of our leaders Bola Awoniyi speaks from a place of honesty (what’s the alternative!) about his desires and God’s desires...