Its Not About You! Its About… Part 9 - 1 Corinthians 8:1 to 9:23

Pastor Warren’s teaching from Paul's letter is a packed lunch of various kinds. Can we eat food sacrificed to idols? Well its about who’s in the room with you, not about you. Listen in and come back next week for part two..


#1 Susan jones 2015-06-11 07:48
Yes, Pastor Warren, I have a Godly shopping list - it starts with A for Africa (all states, counties or regions) & ends Z for Zyryanovsk (Russia & with any/all of it's subsidiaries) - PEACE be my food product pray I be able to share. Was out on God's Baltic & North Seas recently and sighted the Peace Ship "Ocean Dream" the Rostock Port - before I had opportunity to request permission to board the vessel, merely to check the log as to where it had been & where it was going next, Ocean Dream motored out overnight into the sea mist!

re your reference to Halal meat : during my time in Bolton what caught my attention was the olde family firm Warburton's Enormous Bread Factory which mostly employs local Muslim folk ; quite surprised my Aunty Peggy but didn't prevent her liking of their toasty loaf! So enjoyed your foodie examples of God's love. Prior explanations Corinthians always thought Paul a little chauvinistic!
with love
Susan x