How Much tongue? - James part 4 - James 3:1-12

You are a large vessel, with a itty bitty rudder - your tongue. How in control are you of your tongue? How much tongue should you use on daily basis? Pastor Warren unpacks James speaking to us, for not just church but our other places as well, in how we should allow God to have more control of our tongue.


#1 Susan Jones 2014-10-19 07:44
Thank you Warren; for reminding me that my tongue can be my worse enemy. Would it have been humble fish pie?
Twice the suffering be thought that made you refrain the day you were shooshed. Learning God's serious word via Greenford Baptist Church is so meaningful beyond anything I could say. Looking forward to chapter 5.7-12 because i know i am impatient and hope you will teach the cure. In faith and all ways love Susan