Fasting in the 21st Century ~ Matthew 6:16-18

In her talk "Fasting in the 21st Century", based on Matthew 6 verses 16-18, Assistant Pastor Denise DeOliveira says, "Throughout the Old and New Testaments there are many examples of fasting, all of which are good, profitable and beneficial. Fasting today helps us gain a new perspective and a new reliance upon God". Through this video you'll discover that fasting, in an act of humility, and joyfulness of Spirit, is not only easy, but it changes us - not God. Read one of the background documents referred to in the video Fasting - 21st Century Style


#1 Robson 2012-04-09 10:04
Hi brother
Once more and as always you have been doing a amazing work throughout and especially on your speach on the beginning of this video.

i just loved it

your brother in Christ and friend